Sisters' Suhba

Assalamualaikum Dear GIC Families:

Welcome to our new Sisters' Suhba Series! Our mission, as GIC sisters, is to build a community where people of all cultures and ages can come together, socialize, and strengthen ties of sisterhood and brotherhood in a friendly and welcoming environment and to build a positive Muslim community for generations to come.
Geared and carefully curated, this is a set of workshops hosted by GIC and special Guest Speakers, serving exclusively for the women and children in our community. In addition, we also have included a Sisters' Suhba Wellness Walk Program, to be mindful of nature and dhikr.

Please follow us on Facebook (Gwinnett Islamic Circle) and join our new "Sister's only" Whatsapp group to get information on upcoming programs. If you have any questions or would like to receive regular emails on our upcoming events please email us at

Whatsapp link: Please feel free to share this with other sisters in our area that you feel would benefit from our programs.